Green cars likeliest to be ‘at risk’

New research has found that green cars hit more ‘at risk’ statuses than any other car colour.

A study into the risks of used car buying by HPI found green cars are most likely to be found as being registered stolen by police, as an insurance write-off, or to display a mileage discrepancy. However, they also are the least likely to hit the outstanding finance register.

The study found that outstanding finance was the biggest risk for buyers of used cars, with one in four showing as having this issue, and the potential for repossession by financial companies. White cars were found to be the most likely with this issue.

One in five cars was also found to have changed numberplates, with black cars the most likely to have had plates changed. Red came out as the colour of cars least likely to have this changed.

41 vehicles reported stolen by police were identified by HPI. Green cars topped the list as most likely to be reported stolen, while grey cars were found by the study to be the least likely.

One in 20 cars was reported to have been mileage discrepancy, which sees cars clocked to show a lower mileage than actually done. While the study found green cars topped this list, white cars were at the bottom.

760 vehicles a day are found by HPI to have been declared insurance write-offs, and green were the most likely to show up. Grey cars are the least likely to show up.

cap HPI’s deputy managing director Neil Hodson said, ‘Whilst green cars top three of our ‘at risk’ registers and grey cars come bottom, we urge used car buyers to stay vigilant, regardless of colour. There are no hard and fast rules for spotting a car with something to hide.’