Glasurit paints the Terminator

Europe’s largest vacuum tanker known as the Terminator has been painted using the new Glasurit 68 Line paint technology.

Mark Warmington, managing director of Whale Tankers, manufacturers of the vehicle’s body said, ‘We provide a complete solution to customers including shot blasting and painting inhouse so the longevity and quality of the paint product we use has to be totally correct from both an aesthetic as well as an engineering point of view.’

Mark Appleton of Glasurit added, ‘Whale Tankers builds around 300 bespoke vehicles a year, with 160 models currently in construction. Its ranges such as the recycling vehicle for Hydro Cleansing and its new BioWhale product line designed to manage food waste are at the forefront of vehicle manufacturing in Europe.

‘We’re now into the third year of our partnership with Whale Tankers and the ongoing support and product development we provide is vital to ensure that our relationship continues to go from strength-to-strength.’

The Terminator is Hydro Cleansing’s new 44-tonne Scania R730 Highline built on the largest Scania chassis available and includes a Whale Tankers body.