FTA to monitor Brexit repercussions

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has identified the top 10 crunch issues for British logistics following the result of last week’s referendum.

It says it will monitor these issues over the coming months to protect the interests of its members and keep British logistics and supply chains safe, efficient and sustainable.

James Hookham, FTA’s deputy chief executive, said, ‘Businesses across the UK are asking ‘what are the implications of Brexit for my transport operations and my supply chains?’ FTA has compiled an ABC list of issues that will be its priorities as the negotiations get underway.

‘The fact is that virtually nothing changes for freight transport operations until the government gives formal notice to leave the EU and the Exit negotiations start. These will be incredibly complex and FTA’s job will be to lead for logistics and make sure the Government keeps the nation’s supply chains efficient and competitive in whatever deal is agreed.’

Among the issues of concern to the FTA is access to the Single Market, which it describes as the £360 billion question. It believes this is the most important issue to be negotiated with the EU.

It is also concerned about how border controls will impact truck drivers travelling through Calais, and customs arrangements regarding the clearance procedures exporters and importers will need to follow?

It says domestic legislation will also have to change, with the UK government having to unpick the enormous body of UK transport legislation that is based in EU directives and regulations

The FTA is also concerned about the impact of Brexit on Fuel Duty, with suggestions that it could be raised in the Autumn Statement.