Fix Auto Huntingdon hit by arson

‘It’s business as usual’ according to bodyshop manager Phil Whitaker just four days after arsonists completely destroyed his Fix Auto Huntingdon bodyshop.

More than 50 firefighters were called to the site to help extinguish the fire. Immediately after which Phil and his team implemented their disaster recovery plan, and have since worked around the clock to ensure customers are not inconvenienced while the main bodyshop is fully restored.

While the fire destroyed the 10,000sqft building used by Phil’s paint and panel technicians, a secondary building close by which operates a strip and fit centre was undamaged. To ensure productivity levels are maintained, Phil has bought a new lorry to transport vehicles to and from Huntingdon to his Peterborough bodyshop for painting and refinishing.

Phil commented: ‘I refuse to be a victim, that’s just not me. The building and all its contents were destroyed but I am fortunate to have a strong team around me and we have all set about making the most out of a terrible situation by ensuring that it is business as usual.’

Ian Pugh of Fix Auto UK said, ‘It’s at times like these when you find out who your friends are and Phil knows only too well he has the full support of the network. His positive approach is admirable, and I am confident that Phil and his team will emerge even stronger from this difficult situation.’