Farécla goes green

A recent project at Farécla’s main site in Hertfordshire has helped enhance the company’s green credentials by investing in solar energy.

The 400 solar panels took around two weeks to install on the roof of the building in Ware and will produce around 69% of the company’s electricity requirements. In addition, the solar panels will save 800 tonnes of CO2 during the 20-year lifespan of the panels.

The initiative will also bring long term financial benefits and allow Farécla, when they are not consuming power during weekends and plant closures, to sell spare electricity to the National Grid.

Farécla’s project manager, David Crossley, said, ‘The panels are unobtrusive and can’t be seen from the ground, but at peak performance on sunny days they should produce just under 70% of all our electricity requirements. They are very efficient and will still be able to produce electricity on cloudy days but obviously not up to their peak performance. We will be producing enough energy to power 22 homes each year.’

The investment cost £140,00 but this is expected to be earned back within four years.