EV charging network still ‘patchy’

The RAC says there is still ‘some way to go’ before the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the UK satisfies motorists.

The average gap between charging points in England is 3.8 miles compared to one mile between petrol stations, while in some areas of the country that distance can be as much as 47 miles.

According to figures from the Department of Transport, North Devon has the longest average distance between charging points, with the interval ranging from 18 miles to 47.

This compares to the further distance between petrol stations in the UK of just 19 miles.

However, it’s not all bad news for electric vehicle drivers. In Southwark drivers will pass an electric charging point every 97m, while in parts of Manchester and Newcastle-upon-Tyne the average distance is 193m.

In total there are 3,903 public charging stations in the UK, compared to 8,500 petrol stations.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said, ‘It should be remembered that one of the big benefits of electric vehicles is the ability for motorists to charge up before they leave home.

‘But once they’ve left, they currently rely on charging points on major roads and in city centres as it is along these roads where the greatest investment in charging infrastructure has so far taken place.

‘Coverage away from major roads is still patchy, but that is to be expected given where the greatest number of electric vehicles are likely to be. Having more charging points available will be essential in helping drivers overcome so-called range anxiety, where they fear running out of power before they can recharge.’