EV charges go under review

electric-village.com claims to be the first review website for a new generation of electric vehicle charging equipment and services.

The portal gives plug-in vehicle drivers a wide choice, provides up-front benefits of the government’s 75% homecharge or workplace grant (where applicable), and introduces many new ideas and products to the UK market for the first time.

As electric car sales continue to grow exponentially, charging equipment manufacturers are busy responding with new and better products. Until now plug-in car charging options have been mostly installer or dealer-led and relatively limited. The Electric Village website brings more choice, new technologies and exclusive offerings together into a single marketplace and provides independent reviews.

Stewart McKee, creator of Electric Village, said, ‘Compared to as little as 18 months ago there is now much more choice for the home, public space and workplace in terms of value and new technologies. We have done all the technical legwork. If a charging system makes it into Electric Village, it’s the simply best at what is designed to do.’

Electric Village is accredited by OLEV for the homecharge and workplace grant schemes, and is recognised by Go Ultra Low.