EU ups the ante on VW

The EU has turned up the pressure on Volkswagen by saying its recall programme is not sufficient for some VW owners and the company should consider buying back some of its affected vehicles.

According to the Financial Times, the European commissioner for justice policy Vera Jourova has written to VW urging it to give ‘special attention’ to VW owners who want to sell their cars but can’t do so until the fix has been completed.

The commissioner has told VW that it should fix these cars as a priority or offer to buy them back. He said the same applies to drivers who have moved to another country and are unable to register their cars until they comply with EU rules.

The EU is also pressurising VW to guarantee that the fix will not have a negative impact on any other aspect of the vehicle’s performance, and that failure to do so would breach EU consumer laws. It also wants assurances that VW will meet its autumn 2017 target for completing recalls.

VW has said that the 30-minute fix for European models will only take 30 minutes and complies with European law.