Eco wins Indian contract

Eco Repair Systems has won a large-scale contract to design and implement its Total Fast Track Solutions operation for ATS ELGI, a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive service equipment in India.

The first part of the contract involves Eco supplying consultancy, equipment and training for ATS ELGI’s fast track operation in the southern Indian city of Coimbatore. This will be followed by additional consultancy as ATS ELGI rolls out a network of fast track repair operations across India.

Commenting on the success, Eco Repair Systems managing director Trevor Ferris said, ‘Following extensive discussion, the directors of ATS ELGI have demonstrated their understanding of our principles and their acceptance of the need for a truly dedicated mindset and process-led approach to profitable fast track repair. We have shown them why this approach will always work better than trying to integrate fast track within an existing business workflow.

‘Long gone are the days where ‘one size fits all’ in vehicle repair. Customer expectations are now all about service. Changing the mindset is vital across every area of a business – from directors to estimators to technicians and customer service representatives. At the heart of the Total Fast Track Solutions philosophy is the need to complete a comprehensive overhaul of old processes and a willingness to embrace the new ways of thinking.’

Trevor will visit the ATS ELGI facility in Coimbatore during August to work with ATS ELGI to finalise initial plans and equipment requirements, and to draw up an implementation and training schedule.