Dyson developing EV?

Former Aston Martin product development director Ian Minards has moved into the same role at electronics company Dyson.

Minards’ move to Dyson backs the speculation that they’re planning to enter the EV market in the not so distant future.

Dyson were referred to in a government document titled ‘National Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016-2021’ released earlier this year. The document hinted towards Dyson developing an electric car; as stated by the Guardian, a section of the document said: ‘The government is funding Dyson to develop a new battery electric vehicle at their headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. This will secure £174 million of investment in the area, creating over 500 jobs, mostly in engineering.’

The document has since been updated to say, ‘The government is providing a grant of up to £16m to Dyson to support research and development for battery technology at their site in Malmesbury,’ further backing the belief that Dyson is trying to conceal plans for an electric car.

Minards, who first joined Aston Martin in 1997, is among other automotive sector employees to join the Dyson team in Wiltshire.

A spokesman for Dyson stated, ‘We are developing a multitude of technologies. We plan to recruit an extra 3,000 engineers and scientists by 2020 and are working with more than 40 universities globally.’