Drivers must deal with the pressure

Correct tyre inflation saves money as well as lives.

That’s the message from road safety and breakdown recovery provider GEM Motoring Assist, which is supporting Tyre Safety Month with the third in a series of simple safety reminders.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth said, ‘Under-inflated tyres will reduce your vehicle’s ability to grip the road, and will also compromise handling. This can result in unpredictable vehicle behaviour, and increases the risk of a tyre blowout, where sudden rapid deflation occurs.

‘Over-inflated tyres have a smaller contact area with the road, leading to increased stopping distance and reduced grip. There’s likely to be a lot more wear across the central part of the tyre, leading to a shorter lifespan.’

He encourages drivers to check their vehicle owner’s manual, and find out what the correct pressures for front and rear tyres should be.

‘Make a regular check to ensure you keep your tyres at those pressures. We suggest a check at least every month, as well as before any long journey. By doing so, you’ll be giving all the safety systems on your vehicle the best chance of working to their maximum potential, you’ll help ensure your tyres last longer and you’ll be ensuring your running costs don’t increase unnecessarily.

‘After all, properly inflated tyres require less energy than under-inflated tyres to make them turn, so your vehicle will use less fuel.’