Don’t pay the penalty during Euros

IAM RoadSmart has warned drivers to play it safe when it comes to drinking during the UEFA Euro 2016 Championships.

The tournament kicks off tomorrow and the chances of football fans enjoying a couple more drinks than usual are pretty high. However, IAM RoadSmart’s driver retraining academy project leader Chris Davies has urged drivers to resist celebrating or drowning their sorrows before getting behind the wheel.

He said, ‘We understand that fans will want to enjoy a football match over a fresh pint of beer, but taking more than the recommended guidelines will put your health and that of others at severe risk.

‘Certainly avoid drinking at all costs if you will be getting behind the wheel – you will only end up putting your licence, livelihood and liberty at stake, so simply don’t risk it.’

He’s issued a few reminders to help football fans stay onside during the next few weeks: an average strength pint of beer can take at least two hours to leave your blood stream (it’s eight hours for four pints); the legal limit in England and Wales is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, while the limit in Scotland is lower at 50mg; avoid mixing your drinks; if you are drinking alternate alcoholic beverages with soft drinks and water to give your body more of a chance to flush out the alcohol; avoid drinking alcohol well before the end of the night to give your body more time to process any alcohol left in your blood stream the following morning.