DFT open phone penalty consultation

The Department for Transport (DfT) has begun a consultation on proposals to increase the penalties for using hand-held mobile phones while driving.

Included in the proposals is a suggested increase to the fixed penalty notice from £100 to £150, and an increase in penalty points for motor users.

Under these proposals, the points penalty would increase from three to four points for all motorists except for those driving HGV vehicles and who hold LGV licences. The proposed changes for HGV vehicle drivers would be an increase to six points.

The penalty for using a hands-free mobile phone while driving was previously raised from £60 to £100 in 2013, but no statistical change in driver behaviour was reported in the wake of the previous increase.

The new consultation is part of a manifesto pledge by the government to reduce deaths on the UK’s roads.

The consultation process is open until 15 March at 11:45pm. Further details can be found here.