Derbyshire plugged in to EVs

The uptake of plug-in vehicles in Derbyshire has surged in the last four years, although it was starting from a low base.

There were just 17 plug-in vehicles in the country four years ago, but that figure has now rocketed to nearly 1,000.

Information from the DVLA shows that the number of electric or plug-in vehicles registered is 53 times higher than it was in June 2012, increasing from 17 to 903.

Chesterfield has the highest concentration of plug-in vehicles in Derbyshire with 166, which works out as one for every 629 people who live there. Derby has one for every 831 residents while Bolsover has the fewest with one for every 2,509 residents.

Across the UK uptake has increased twenty-fold from 3,476 in 2012 to 68,994 this year.