Cuvva achieves major milestones

Cuvva, the hourly car insurance app, has surpassed two major milestones including users driving over one million miles as well as the launch of ‘The Social Garage’.

Cuvva’s V2 app, dubbed ‘The Social Garage’, allows users to see which of their Facebook friends have cars available for them to borrow directly in the app. The app leverages the Facebook graph, meaning that people only lend their cars to trusted friends, and no one else.

Cuvva founder, Freddy Macnamara said, ‘Now that Airbnb has disrupted the hotel industry and Uber the taxi industry, Cuvva are disrupting an industry barely changed in over 100 years, car insurance.

‘Insurance is broken, and I believe I can help to fix it – we’ve turned a process that normally takes an hour, into a 10 second, on-demand service on your smartphone.’