Connectivity counts more than efficiency

Car buyers would turn their backs on a new model if it didn’t connect properly with their phones.

Research from Nissan has found that 41% of drivers who spend more than 20 hours a week in their cars would switch brands for better connectivity. Further, nearly a third (28%) of new car buyers value connectivity above fuel efficiency, and 13% say they’d not even consider buying a car that’s not connected to the internet.

Nissan’s Patrick Keenan is part of a European team of engineers working on developing connected vehicle architectures that have safety and security as their top priority.

He said, ‘Today’s new cars have a lifecycle of five or six years before a new version is launched, but a mobile phone will only be on the market for less than two years before it’s replaced. Keeping cars and phones talking to each other is the crux of my job. I want to make sure anyone who walks into a Nissan showroom anywhere in Europe doesn’t walk out again because a car they want to buy won’t pair with their phone.’