Cloud-based fleet control

Video telematics company Lytx has announced the launch of a new modular platform for video telematics.

Unisyn provides an expansion of the services from its core driver coaching- and event-based video logging competencies to fleet field operations.

It’s a cloud-based platform which comprises a core camera facility on the truck with scalable architecture for hardware, making addition of a large number of auxiliary cameras possible. The network of cameras interlinked with Wi-Fi enables the individual camera units to have flexibility in mounting location on the truck and also its outer ecosystem.

The primary feature of the system is that the video capture is always on with the fleet manager having the option to call up any data pertaining to any data point within the seven-day period when the data would be available. The fleet operator can also configure the settings to extend the days for the data capture capability. The data recording can also be configured to be auto-uploaded onto the cloud platform based on configurable tags centred on the business requirements of the end user.

The data is constantly available on the vehicle, with the fleet manager having the flexibility to access the incidents based on necessity. The optimization of the logic ensures that constant data transfer is avoided with smart methodology providing the user with minimal information on the database to make a decision before the actual transfer is made. Additionally, the database is also indexed frame by frame and with geotagging, both of which can be used to search out a particular video clip. The high level of customizability presents the clients with the opportunity to utilize the services to complement their operations and streamline to boost efficiency.

The various possibilities available to clients of the service include: customized event tagging; expandable networked cameras; multi-purpose video capture; delivery proof and documentation and driver behaviour and coaching.