CitNOW out-broadcasts BBC

CitNOW claims it is now broadcasting more daily video than the BBC.

At its peak, CitNOW’s servers upload 21,000 videos – more than 500 hours’ worth – every day and the company is closing in on half a million videos being created using its app software every month.

With every CitNOW video watched more than once, the firm is effectively broadcasting more than 800 hours of video – the equivalent of 33 full-time 24-hour TV channels – every day. The BBC currently runs 27 channels, not all of them round-the-clock.

Overall, 4,400 CitNOW product subscriptions are now live in 2,750 dealerships and the company works with 89 of the Top 100 dealer groups in the UK; more than 50% of the dealer network in the UK now uses video technology.

CitNOW’s relationship with the motoring public is already shifting from video as a novelty factor, with consumers now rating the quality of videos they receive.