Charity partner Ben on the campaign trail

Our charity partner BEN has launched its ‘Socially Fit’ campaign, the third in a series of four targeted campaigns focused on the biggest issues facing people within the automotive industry.

Alongside Socially Fit, BEN’s campaigns include Mentally Fit, Financially Fit and Physically Fit. Socially Fit focuses on isolation and loneliness. Almost 15% of people in the UK aged 16–64 have reported high levels of loneliness in their daily lives. Relationship breakdown, being a carer, dealing with physical and mental illnesses, domestic abuse, alcohol or substance misuse are some of the factors that can lead to a loss of self-confidence, social isolation and feeling alone.

Socially Fit can help in a number of ways, such as confidential counselling and advice, organising short breaks and regular home visits.

Ben is writing to all its partners to ask for help in raising awareness of these issues and to find out how it can best help and support them and their dependents.

As a charity, BEN can help individuals to reconnect and regain their lost self-confidence by offering information, advice, guidance and support on a wide range of issues. Its services are free and available to not only the individual, but also their dependents.

For more details please visit Ben’s website.