Cars: the future living space

In future, cars will not only remember as well as learn preferred routes and driving styles but also provide tools to monitor their users’ health condition and provide additional in-car services.

According to Frost & Sullivan health, wellness and well-being features will spread to cars.

‘Your everyday car commute will also be your health kiosk, with the car running a full diagnosis of your body’, explained Sarwant Singh, Frost & Sullivan senior partner. ‘This will make cars the next living space. They will serve as an extension of ourselves, our homes – or in the case of healthcare of our doctors. Allowing for health monitoring applications to be used, either via cloud, embedded or through devices which connect with the car, will prove to be the future central differentiation factor.’

During its upcoming annual industry event ‘Intelligent Mobility’, taking place on 29 June at the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel in London, Frost & Sullivan will offer a platform to meet and discuss the influence of Mega Trends on the mobility industry as well as explore possible synergies between different sectors.

Besides focusing on Mega Trends, Intelligent Mobility will bring together industry experts on autonomous business ideas, the future of connectivity, corporate mobility, integrated transport solutions as well as new mobility concepts.

bodyshop magazine will be in attendance and will bring you all the news from the event.

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