Car buyers stay mobile

More and more car buyers are using mobile devices to access dealer websites.

New figures from iVendi found that 64% of all visits logged through the iVendi Platform’s consumer areas were by smartphone or tablet. That is up from 60% in January.

James Tew, CEO, said, ‘The move towards mobile has been rapid and dramatic. Our figures show that mobile access first exceeded PCs for visits to dealer web sites in January of 2015. Since then, the trend has shown no sign of abating.

‘It underlines something that we have been saying for some time, that dealers and used car portals need to consider mobile first when designing their websites. Something that doesn’t work well on a phone won’t be as productive.

‘This could be as simple as not using gimmicky functionality within the web site, the type of thing which may be highly effective on a laptop of desktop PC but next to impossible to use on a smartphone.’

iVendi research also found that Apple products were prevalent among mobile devices.

James added, ‘Our figures show that around twice as many used car web visits take place on iPhones and iPads as on Android smartphones or tablets. Really, the number one device for which used car retailers are designing is the iPhone and this is something that we can only see becoming increasingly the case in the medium term. It will take an unforeseen technology change to alter the situation.’