Calibration demand on the rise

National Windscreens has responded to huge demand for camera calibration following windscreen replacement by opening a new flagship centre in Birmingham.

More than 10% of vehicles on the road now feature Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which operate in conjunction with cameras mounted on windscreens. Calibration is vital following a windscreen replacement to ensure these systems continue to function as intended.

Demand is only going to increase and National Windscreen has pledged to provide ADAS camera calibration with a one stop replacement and calibration service at all 108 of its locations.

Nic Fortey, manager at the Birmingham centre, said, ‘An increasing number of cars need calibration work carried out and our research shows that by 2020 over 40% of vehicles on UK roads will be fitted with ADAS. These new premises are designed to provide the room and facilities to meet the most stringent of calibration standards set by manufacturers.

‘For some models of car, we can need up to 8m2 of clearance to ensure cameras are correctly calibrated. Our large, purpose-built unit in Cheston Road allows us ample room to complete all calibration and windscreen replacement work for motorists in just one visit, putting motorist safety first.’

Martyn Bennett, regional director of National Windscreens, added, ‘This new centre builds upon the £1m investment we have already made over the last 12 months in ADAS calibration technology and training across our UK-wide network.

‘We have already carried out more than 1,000 ADAS camera calibrations and this figure is growing fast as new cars have ADAS fitted as standard. We are therefore committed to maintain a seamless service for one stop replacement and calibration on a local basis, in workshop conditions, wherever you are in the UK.’