Brokers expect leasing to grow

A survey of vehicle leasing brokers has revealed 87% of brokers report a buoyant market with demand for leases or other financial products on the up.

Conducted by the Leasing Broker Federation, an independent membership organisation that supports leasing brokers across the UK, the Leasing Broker Attitude Survey highlighted that brokers appear bullish about their future prospects.

Driving the growth is an increase in personal contract hire (PCH), which is closing the gap on contract hire as the most popular leasing option.

While respondents reported healthy levels of demand for financial products, up more than 25% on average in the past year, 86% had seen a growth in PCH, with the same number expecting further growth in the forthcoming 12 months. Contract hire is expected to grow by 71% in the year ahead.

Contract hire, PCH and finance lease remain the pervasive products on offer from leasing brokers, but their clients were increasingly looking for a wide range of additional services, such as maintenance, short term lease, fleet management as well as some surprises including risk management solutions, mobility solutions, and even legal services.

Colin Tourick, professor of automotive management at the University of Buckingham and author of the report, said, ‘Brokers remain optimistic about demand for their services. Almost all believe they have a sound long-term future, especially in their core areas of contract hire and finance leasing but interestingly the recent move towards personal contract hire or purchasing is now making major inroads into this sector.

‘However, clearly there is scope for more brokers to broaden the range of services they offer their clients. With nearly 50% reporting that clients already had a good or in-depth working knowledge of leasing – and demanding greater flexibility in product offerings – suggests demand for these products is expected to increase, along with maintenance and more flexible short-term leases.’

Tourick continued, ‘The leasing broker channel is a vibrant sector of the market, and after delivering record returns in 2015, brokers look poised to expand their market presence further by offering enhanced professional services as well as moving into areas that have traditionally been the preserve of leasing companies.’