Breakthrough in new material

Metalysis Ltd’s research and development function has successfully produced Graphene using the company’s process.

The innovative South Yorkshire-headquartered company, focused on commercialising its proprietary electrochemical metal powder manufacturing technology, has synthesised single layer (monolayer) sheets of Graphene. Bilayer and low multi-layer amalgamations have also been produced.

A collective of scientists continues to focus on differentiating and separating the single atom width, highly lucrative sheets. This comprises research teams from the University of Manchester, the University of Sheffield, the University of Kent and Camborne School of Mines.

Metalysis filed for its Graphene breakthrough early in February this year.

Among its attributes, Graphene is super strong, lightweight and highly conductive, exhibiting metallic-like properties in 2D form. Graphene is expected to revolutionise a host of future applications across a wide range of sectors including light materials (aerospace and automotive), semiconductors, energy electrodes, nanotechnology and printable inks.

Research suggests Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, but it is ‘incredibly flexible’.