Bosch stands up to Tough Mudders

More than 120,000 competitors will test the strength and resilience of Bosch tool’s handiwork during the 2016 Tough Mudder UK season.

Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile course dotted with up to 25 obstacles which each have to withstand a combined weight and force of more than nine million kilograms.

To keep the obstacles standing, the Tough Mudder team relies on Bosch Professional Power Tools, where 18 volt cordless screwdrivers will power through at least 2,000 screws a day and five articulated truckloads of wood.

In addition to the screwdrivers, the team has access to the complete 18-volt range including angle grinders, angle drills, brush cutters, circular saws and rotary hammers.

David Solan, senior construction manager for Tough Mudder, said, ‘Having the same battery system across all of the tools we use and amongst our team really helps to maximise productivity out in the field. We are often in the middle of nowhere when we begin construction for our events, and so the combination of cordless and super-long battery life is essential. It means that our tools are always ready to go to build these best-in-class obstacles.’

All of the Bosch Professional 18-volt tools can run on the complete range of Bosch 18-volt batteries and are future-proofed for any new power packs that may be launched. Bosch’s 18-volt Li-Ion battery is the fastest charging and longest-running power on the market.