Blinded by the sun

Glare might not be something drivers consider too seriously in winter, but actually the low winter sun can be just as dangerous to motorists as the dazzling July and August rays.

Last year glare contributed to more than 2,500 crashes, including 17 fatalities.

IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman has compiled a safety list to help drivers avoid the blinding light at this time of year.

He has encouraged drivers to keep windscreens clean both inside and out, as dirt or salt residue will magnify the effect of the sun, while regularly checking for cracks and replacing worn wiper blades and ensuring the washer bottle is topped up.

Richard has also reminded drivers to use their sun visors rest regularly as eyes strain quickly when you are squinting.

He said, ‘Low winter sun may not deliver a useful tan but a clear view of the road ahead is vital if you are going to get through the winter as safely.’