Be wary of being weary

A survey by vehicle leasing company OSV found that a staggering 38% of us admit to falling asleep the wheel. Despite this, 53% of drivers regularly travel for more than two hours without stopping, breaking guidelines for a 15 minute break every few hours.

It also found that being ‘over-tired’ wouldn’t dissuade 20% of drivers from getting in their cars.

Co-founder of OSV Debbie Kirkley said, ‘Tired drivers are a huge danger to not only themselves but other drivers and passengers on the roads. Drivers should never drive whilst overtired and should always plan their journeys carefully to include regular rest breaks, a minimum of 15 minutes every two hours.’

But in spite of the risks, 81% of drivers admit being tired wouldn’t tempt them to stop driving. Instead, most admit to rolling down the windows in order to prevent tiredness which is considered ineffective. Other methods include: drinking coffee (16%), drinking water (15%), turning up the radio (8%) and eating (4%).