BCF satisfaction rises

The biennial British Coatings Federation (BCF) member survey has highlighted that overall member satisfaction has risen from 88% to 90%.

Nearly 100 BCF members from across the paints, coatings, printing inks and wallcoverings sectors responded to a survey. The survey, of which CEOs or business heads, or those involved in technical / regulatory affairs made up over 50% of respondents, showed the highest satisfaction levels were with technical and regulatory advice, BCF staff service, communication with members and responsiveness to member needs.

The top three valued services remain the same as in 2014, which are lobbying, communications to members and technical advice and guidance.

Tom Bowtell, BCF’s CEO commented, ‘It is of course fantastic to see an improved satisfaction among BCF members. The information provided in all areas of the survey are vital as we focus and prioritise our efforts over the coming years, and it is key that we continue to provide the best regulatory advice, to increase membership, to improve awareness of the BCF, and the contribution that the coatings industry makes to the UK economy, and to work even harder on lobbying both in the UK and Europe.

‘Brexit will have a major impact on BCF’s work in the future, and we are working proactively for the best future business environment for our members.’