AW rolls out Junair upgrade

AW Repair Group has been so impressed with Junair’s 3 Series spraybooth that an upgrade programme has been rolled out across the company.

The group’s fourth site at Markham Vale, near Chesterfield opened one year ago with Junair having  undertaken the bodyshop design and spraybooth installation. The results have been so beneficial that the Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire branches are also installing the energy saving booths.

The drive-through Junair 3 Series spraybooths, each with a LEVAC fully gridded floor and a paint mix room includes a pendulum loading system allowing cars to be loaded and unloaded easily, in either direction, through either end of each spraybooth.

Managing director, Andrew Walsh, said, ‘I carried out thorough research and viewed other Junair installs. It is an excellent product, particularly the LED and energy saving packs. The design process was easy with Junair’s CAD system and nothing was too much trouble. We had open discussions and tried different ideas.

‘Equipping the bodyshop was on a tight timeframe. Grahame promised that they could deliver on time and they did.’

Grahame Kitchin, sales director at Junair added, ‘It’s a pleasure to be working with Andrew again, and it’s testament to the team at Junair that he has placed yet another order for his Newark and Denaby sites so soon after finishing the brand new Markham Vale facility. We worked closely with PPG to ensure the optimisation of the bake and flash-off times and this combined with our patented QADs system means that Markham Vale can complete four extra jobs per day compared with standard spraybooths.’