AW recognises loyal employees

Loyal employees at AW Repair Group have been congratulated for clocking up more than 142 years’ service.

Team members who have been with the company for more than 10 years were recently invited to the company’s first long service ceremony and presented with a specially commissioned long service badge, certificate and AW’s own bottle of fizz.

Proud managing director, Andrew Walsh said, ‘We don’t live in a world anymore where people have a job for life so for 11 employees to reach a cumulative total of 142 years is remarkable.’

The longest serving employee, Niel Harmston started working for AW in April 2001, closely followed by Steve Hoe who started in May 2001. Niel started out as a parts advisor at the Sleaford site and is now a senior ATA vehicle damage assessor, whereas Steve started life at AW as a ‘very well groomed’ painter, progressing through to workshop controller and is now the general manager of the Prestige HQ in Sleaford.

Two members of the Yorkshire branch team joined as friends from school and are now assistant manager and group compliance manager.

Andrew added, ‘We will always promote company progression before advertising outside the business and we are very proud of our loyal team and staff retention. We will now make this an annual event to reward our dedicated team.’