AW Group goes electric

AW Repair Group has added electric vehicles to its fleet.

The 5-door Nissan Leaf vehicles are being offered to customers who drive under 70 miles a day and have off road parking facilities at home.

Jade Johnson, business development at AW, said, ‘The short time customers’ vehicles are being repaired is a great opportunity to try an electric vehicle without commitment. People worry about the practicalities but with the need for a courtesy car different to their own vehicle anyway, they are already half way there so trying an EV doesn’t seem so daunting.’

AW has introduced the EVs with the support of Marshall Nissan, who has facilitated the installation of charge points at two AW sites offering a 20-mile boost to customers and public alike.

The vehicles are fully charged using the special charge cable in a normal domestic socket overnight at the customers’ home off road parking.

Jade added, ‘We have recently upgraded all our lighting to LED and have power-saving booths so this is another opportunity to lower our carbon footprint as a business while also providing a service to the EV community and help change the perception of electric vehicles; not to mention fuel free driving at a time when customers may have the unexpected cost of paying a policy excess.’

Marshall Nissan local business manager Edward Manu said, ‘We’re delighted to be working with AW Repair Group on this project and their passion to offer EV opportunities to a wider audience is fantastic.

‘This little taster of using an electric vehicle will undoubtedly change some pre-conceptions and benefit AW, customers, the EV community and of course the environment.’