Aviva shakes-up Irish market

Aviva has redistributed its motor vehicle accident repair work in Ireland – a move cited by industry experts as ‘unprecedented by a major insurance company in Ireland’.

According to a report on independent.ie Aviva issued a three month termination notice to its independent repair network over the summer months in a bid to ensure its repair services were ‘centralised and efficient’. The work has subsequently been redirected via bodyshop group, Accident Repair Management (ARM) whose directors operate 12 sites throughout Ireland.

However, the move has been met with strong opposition with some repairers claiming the move has ‘dismantled a gold standard in auto repair that has taken years to build’. The backlash comes amidst claims from some repairers that Aviva withdrew business from their sites earlier than anticipated.

One Irish repairer told bodyshop that ‘the move has undermined the whole industry’ claiming that heavy investment in attaining the Certified Steel Standard (CSS) last year was partly to ensure long-term partnership with its insurer partners which, at the time, included Aviva.