Aviva launches mental wellness app

Aviva has partnered with Care first to offer policyholders access to an app that is clinically proven to fight against stress and anxiety.

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) app will be available to Aviva’s new and existing Group Income Protection clients from 1 January 2017.

It has been specifically developed as a treatment and prevention tool for conditions such as anxiety and depression. It uses computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (CCBT) and various mindfulness techniques to teach the user how to build emotional resilience.

Steve Bridger, managing director of Group Protection at Aviva, said, ‘I’m delighted that Aviva has become the first UK Group Protection provider to offer ‘EAP in Your Pocket’. One of our key strategies is ‘Digital First’ and this partnership demonstrates our commitment to that.

‘EAP services are extremely valuable, offering support to people in all areas of their lives, whether it’s pressure at work, a relationship breaking down or money worries. Having convenient and easy access to instant support on your smartphone should help drive up the number of people who access these fantastic services.

‘People can use their phones to access their banking, instant message friends on the other side of the world and watch live TV – it’s only right that they can now access important support services and information when they need them most.’

Lesley Davidson, director at Care first, added, ‘Care first has always been at the forefront of EAP developments. Care first’s ‘EAP In Your Pocket’ will give Aviva’s customers digital access to the first EAP app which has been clinically proven to be effective in preventing, detecting and treating common mental health problems.

‘We are proud that ‘EAP In Your Pocket’ supports Aviva’s ‘Digital First’ strategy. Launching the app to Aviva’s customers provides a perfect partnership of EAP innovation and Aviva’s commitment to new technology.’

The App has been developed with Thrive Therapeutic Software and combines Care first’s full range of counselling and wellbeing services with its newest addition, ‘Stress Free Island’.

Stress Free Island gives users their own mobile tool, teaching them to use tried and tested clinically validated techniques to manage the pressures and stress of day to day life. Guided by Care first’s in-app character, known as ‘DAP’, users can track their mood over time and receive help to boost their coping mechanisms.

The ‘EAP In Your Pocket’ app works on all Apple and Android devices and can also be accessed via the internet.