AutoRaise links with CTP Future Horizons

AutoRaise has formed a strategic relationship with CTP Future Horizons to bring young people in to the vehicle repair industry.

CTP Future Horizons is affiliated to the Ministry of Defence and is a channel to repatriate young service men and women who have left the services to create career opportunities for them.

‘Many young people enter in to the services straight from school and realise that this is not what they want from life. My role is to try and place these 16-18 year olds in to employment, ideally within an apprenticeship,’ explained Kathryn Osborne, employment advisor for young adults at CTP Future Horizons.

She continued, ‘We met with Bob at AutoRaise and immediately recognised that his passion for the vehicle repair industry and the initiatives AutoRaise were already working on would be a perfect organisation for us to partner with. Whilst we have worked with many other sectors, the vehicle repair industry is a totally new channel to us and we are really excited to add this industry to our portfolio.’

Bob Linwood from AutoRaise commented, ‘It’s a perfect situation really. Kathryn and her team have to find opportunities for up to a 100 new young people each month, many of which have an active interest in gaining an apprenticeship and already have a strong discipline ethic. More than that though, some of these are keen to work in the automotive sector but, as we all know too well, weren’t even aware of the existence of the vehicle repair industry.’

CTP has already provided a number of candidates to AutoRaise, all of which are in various stages or progress.