AutoRaise gets VDA Trailblazer apprenticeship moving

AutoRaise is set to start work on the creation of a new Trailblazer apprenticeship programme for Vehicle Damage Assessors (VDA).

Government has invited AutoRaise to build on its successful vehicle repair multi-skilled apprentice programme by creating a new standard for vehicle damage assessors (VDA). The creation of the standard will follow the same development process, with a key element being that it will be built by repairers, for repairers in order to produce ‘a modern, fit-for-purpose apprenticeship standard that meets the needs of the modern vehicle repairer’.

AutoRaise will bring a small group of business owners in the sector together to form a steering group and create this new apprenticeship standard.

‘This is a fantastic invitation to receive and demonstrates that the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has a belief that we can represent our industry’s employers to deliver a modern and robust apprenticeship standard,’ explained Chris Oliver, AutoRaise chairman. ‘Clearly, the stature of our existing standard has provided the platform for this and we are looking forward to getting started.’

Bob Linwood from AutoRaise added, ‘The industry is going through massive change and it’s time to pull together to address the key issues facing us and especially the skills shortage. As I have said very publicly in recent times, we are happy to engage with anyone in our industry that shares our values and wants to work with us to make the industry a better pace.’

AutoRaise is being incorporated as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) to work with the sector to address the industry’s chronic skills shortage. Too find out more contact