AutoRaise continues development plans

AutoRaise is continuing to development its Trailblazer programme with the support of the Department of Education.

In December, AutoRaise received a letter from the deputy director of the governments apprenticeship strategy and policy unit, Jennifer Coupland, confirming government’s ‘expectations for external quality assurance in assessment plans, and to offer our help and support in developing all recognised Trailblazers proposals.’

Chris Oliver, one of the originators of the AutoRaise programme, said, ‘Our continued dialogue with the Department of Education and its various divisions is critical in underpinning the development of the industry apprenticeship standard that we have created.

‘Their advice and support in getting our standard signed-off was key and we are building a strong two-way relationship with some of their key people. There is a genuine interest from them in understanding how they can help us consolidate our approach to industry apprenticeships and this latest letter advises of how we will be able to monitor and enhance our standards for the overall good of the employers and apprentices in our industry.’

The December communication advised, ‘Now that a decision has been made about the long term governance arrangements for reformed apprenticeships and we have announced that a an employer led Institute for Apprenticeships will be responsible for quality from April 2017, we need to ask you to confirm the external quality assurance model you want to ensure the quality of your apprenticeship standards.

‘Trailblazer’s will be able to specify a role for a professional body or Ofqual to carry out external quality assurance of their standard if this is the preference of the group. We need to ask you to begin developing an external quality assurance model that works for your sector, and include this in any assessment plans submitted to the department as soon as possible.’

Work is now well underway to meet the requirements with continued focus on working with existing and new repairers to make sure it delivers on the key issue.

For more information on the AutoRaise Apprenticeship Standard or any other queries, please email