AutoRaise backs career opportunities

AutoRaise has stated it will back any initiative that attracts young people to the industry by promoting it as a viable and sustainable career destination.

In a statement aimed at providing some clarity on the industry charity’s position regarding the Trailblazer initiatives currently under development by the Collision Repair Sector Trailblazer Group, head of AutoRaise, Bob Linwood said, ‘AutoRaise will work with and get behind any initiative that promotes and attracts young people to our industry and promotes a viable and sustainable career destination.’

With a passionate belief that the two year, multi-skilled apprenticeship that the AutoRaise technical group originally created will make a real difference to the industry and its chronic skills crisis, Bob is also very clear that not all employers see it that way which is a position he and the AutoRaise team ‘totally respect’.

‘It (the multi-skilled apprenticeship) covers all three key disciplines over a two year period, with the ability for an employer to decide, with the apprentice, what discipline a third year’s dedicated education would best serve both parties. At the end, we believe that the makings of a ‘master technician’, with an understanding of the total repair process but with a third years specialist training, will have been created,’ explained Bob.

‘But there is also a recognition that not all employers see it that way and we totally respect that position. AutoRaise is a charity that exists to help the industry solve its skills crisis. If employers still believe that a three year single discipline apprenticeship is appropriate, relevant and the best for their business, then I am sure that some of the young people we attract will take that route through their employers’ preferences.’

He continued, ‘We have agreed to join the steering groups for the new Trailblazers at the request of government. Equally, members of the Collision Repair Sector Trailblazer Group have been invited on to our two steering groups for our new VDA Trailblazer. In effect, we are creating an industry technical committee to create apprenticeship products for young people to choose from.

‘But for total clarification, any Trailblazer that AutoRaise creates and runs will be made by repairers, for repairers. This is the ethos of a Trailblazer – an employer led group that creates a modern, fit-for-purpose apprenticeship standard that meets the needs of the industry.’

The statement comes following the publication of the Collision Repair Sector Trailblazer Group’s three, single discipline Trailblazer proposals and the resulting industry interest in the developments.