Arval adapts offering with RAC

Arval has insourced much of its accident management product in order to maintain greater control over interactions with customers and leverage in-house technical expertise.

The vehicle leasing and fleet management company, will manage an initial comfort call with the driver, the booking of repairs and hire vehicles, repair authorisation and downtime management. It will also manage the collection and off-hire of any courtesy or rental vehicles via in-house, expert teams. At the same time, Arval has moved to RAC to provide the outsourced elements of the product, utilising their systems and expertise to deliver first notification of loss and uninsured loss recovery.

The latest research from RAC shows that 36% of companies have concerns over the costs involved in recovering and repairing vehicles involved in an accident. Arval believes that this new approach can alleviate some of these concerns, keeping accident costs to a minimum while ensuring that the vehicle is repaired and back on the road in the shortest possible timeframe.

Benoit Dilly, managing director at Arval UK commented, ‘Accident management is one of the most important interactions that we have with our customers and their drivers. That influenced our decision to bring many elements of the process back into Arval, ensuring that we can fully support drivers and limit costs and business impact to our customers. At the same time, we are utilising a trusted supplier to manage those remaining areas where they can add value.’

RAC Business Services director David Wallace added, ‘We’re very excited to be extending our roadside relationship with Arval in this way, to provide support in accident management services.’