AEB setting the standards

The safety ratings of four new cars have been published by Euro NCAP, with autonomous emergency braking (AEB) setting the five start standard all round.

The Renault Scenic and the Subaru Levorg, both equipped as standard with AEB, achieved maximum five-star ratings. Kia and Toyota opted for dual ratings for their cars, with AEB as part of an optional safety pack: the Kia Niro gets four stars with standard equipment and five with the option pack; and Toyota’s new Hilux gets a three-star rating with standard equipment and five with the pack.

The Toyota Hilux and Kia Niro were tested under Euro NCAP’s new ‘Dual Rating’ system, which means that the default rating is based on standard safety equipment available throughout the range. Additional tests are done to determine what the result would be when an optional safety pack is fitted.

Euro NCAP secretary general, Michiel van Ratingen, said, ‘It is always good to see safety equipment being fitted as standard, and Renault and Subaru deservedly get top safety ratings for their cars. The fact that Toyota are making advanced safety technologies available on pickups, even if only an option at this stage, shows that the Dual Rating scheme is a great way to encourage broader fitment of these systems across all types of vehicles.’