AA warns of more traffic chaos

The AA has warned of more traffic delays for British motorists heading to France over the next couple of weeks.

French highway authorities are warning of heavy congestion on main routes throughout the country thanks to the first French ‘Black Saturday’ on 30 July, which traditionally brings extremely high traffic volumes.

A second ‘Black Saturday’ is also predicted for 6 August.

Rosie Sanderson of the AA’s international motoring team is urging drivers to allow extra time for potential security delays at Channel ports as well as travel delays within France.

She said, ‘This weekend marks the end of the July holiday for many French families and the beginning of the August one for others. This means delays can be expected on the arterial French road network on the next two Saturdays, particularly for families heading for the French south coast.

‘We believe the British drivers could to be caught up in congestion on the traditional Autoroute du Soliel via Lyon, as well as routes via Bordeaux to the south-west and through Clermont Ferrand.

‘We believe congestion should ease on the Sunday so that might be the best time to travel, if you can. It’s worth considering roads other than the Autoroutes which could avoid congestion and offer a more relaxing, if slower journey.’

She added, ‘Every traveller can expect passport and security checks. That will inevitably take time, so factor delays into your plans. Gone are the days when the authorities simply waved drivers through.’