AA moves to calm Brexit concerns

A poll of nearly 20,000 drivers has found that 82% are concerned about the impact Brexit could have on their motoring.

According to an AA Populus, 46% of respondents were very concerned about at least one of 12 keys issues, with 36% fairly concerned.

It found that 63% were concerned about higher fuel prices, 57% were worried about higher insurance premiums and 56% said poor exchange rates were a potential issue. Other issues that were bothering drivers after Brexit were cost of EU medical care (55%), higher travel costs abroad (50%), cars more expensive to buy (45%), more time at border crossings (39%), beaucracy driving in EU countries (38%), access to breakdown assistance in EU (31%), changing EU licence and passport (29%), having to keep car longer (15%) and duty free limits (15%).

The concerns can be split into those perceived as leading to higher costs and those linked to more hassle of travelling through Europe.

Young drivers and those from Wales and Northern Ireland were most concerned about higher insurance costs, while drivers in Northern Ireland were much more likely to be concerned about stricter or more time consuming border controls.

Edmund King OBE, AA president, said, ‘The AA did not take a stance on Brexit as we felt it was up to our members to make up their own minds. However, this AA Populus poll of 20,000 drivers so soon after the referendum shows that many drivers are concerned about the potential for higher costs or more hassle travelling in Europe. Last weekend thousands of drivers experienced horrific delays at Dover mainly due to lack of staff at French border and passport control.

‘At least we can allay the fears of the third of drivers concerned about access to breakdown assistance in Europe post Brexit. The AA has excellent links and reciprocal agreements with top motoring clubs in all European countries as well as a control centre in Lyon, so our members with European Breakdown Cover can rest assured they will be well covered and will continue to be looked after wherever in Europe they travel.

‘We trust that our Brexit negotiators will be working hard to ensure that UK drivers can still enjoy safe and relatively hassle-free driving across Europe in the future. However, last weekend’s channel crossing chaos shows that procedures already need to be improved even before any official Brexit.’