80% of cars fail health checks

Eight in 10 cars on our roads today need servicing or repairing, according to research from the Car Care Council.

April is National Car Care Month, but inspections from Car Car found that only 20% of cars surveyed were completely fit for the road. It held a series of car care events throughout the country in 2015, reporting that the vast majority of cars inspected failed at least one test.

The highest area of failure rates was in low fluid levels (washer fluid 26%, engine oil (23% and coolant 19%), clogged or dirty air filters accounted for 19% with other recurring problem areas being illuminated check engine light (13%), worn belts (13%) and battery service and faulty wiper blades (13% and 12%).

Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council, said, ‘With so many vehicles in need of service, National Car Care Month in April serves as an important reminder to take action today so you can depend on your vehicle down the road. It’s easy to postpone vehicle maintenance when things get busy, but don’t put it off. Addressing minor service needs before they become major will help you avoid unexpected car trouble and unplanned costly repairs.’