6% of drivers would bump-and-run

Six out of 100 drivers have crashed into a parked car and driven away without leaving their details.

That is the shocking result of a survey commissioned by Gocompare, which found that 1.7m drivers have had a hit-and-run incident with a parked car.

It discovered that 15% of drivers have collided with a parked car, but only 57% of those had stopped to leave their contact details.

Matt Oliver, Gocompare.com’s car insurance spokesman, said, ‘Accidents happen, especially in busy streets and car parks. But, if you damage someone else’s vehicle, whether it’s a small scratch or major dent, you should always stop and leave your details. While it may be tempting to just drive away, it’s illegal to do so, no matter how minor the damage.

‘Even a car-park bump with a parked vehicle can leave you feeling shaken, panicky and unsure of what to do. So, we’ve produced an ‘Accident Record‘ to help take some of the stress out of the situation. The guide, which can be printed-off and kept in your car, highlights the information drivers need to share and gather about an accident.’

Matt added, ‘As well as knocks and bumps with parked cars, some drivers are involved in accidents with other stationary objects such as skips or road works. These drivers may not be at fault if the object was dangerously or illegally placed; for example, an unlit skip left by the side of the road which didn’t allow approaching drivers to see it clearly and give themselves time to avoid it.’