Recalls not questioned

An HPI survey has revealed that 83% of respondents admitted it hadn’t occurred to them to ask the seller of a vehicle if the manufacturer had issued a recall notice against it.

‘With one in 10 unrepaired recalled vehicles still on the UK’s roads, and trading in the used car arena, safety must be paramount for buyers looking to invest in their next set of wheels,’ explained Phil Nothard, cap hpi consumer and retail editor. ‘However, the good news is manufacturers offer an unlimited time for repairs, meaning second and third owners can still get a recalled vehicle fixed free of charge.

‘Indeed, the UK’s automotive industry boasts one of the highest recall and repair success rates across the world, exceeding 90% following a recall campaign,’ continued Phil.

Since 2011, over six million cars in the UK have been returned to dealers because of faults or defects, and repaired free of charge by manufacturers.