Data highlights vehicle risk

Analysis of My Car Check data for the year-to-end April 2016 has revealed the UK’s used vehicles most likely to have two serious warnings against them.

The riskiest model highlighted by the analysis was the Vauxhall Corsa SXI AC, with 6.25% of those checked having both write-off and finance warnings, despite a reasonably high average values. The BMW X5 D Sport Auto and Vauxhall Corsa S Ecoflex took second and third spots respectively.

Head of My Car Check, Roger Powell, said, ‘Almost half of all used vehicles (46%) have a warning against them, but many have more than one. Over the last year, Vauxhall’s Corsa SXI AC was most likely to have the two most common serious warnings, both write-off and finance. Used buyers should note that Corsa models took three of the top five unwanted positions, with BMW X5 D Sport Auto and 520d M Sport also prone to double trouble.

With information from the police, DVLA, insurers and finance houses, My Car Check holds up to 77 fields of data for every vehicle on UK roads. CDL Vehicle Information Services, which owns My Car Check, performs over a million look-ups a day for companies including AutoExpress, CompareTheMarket, Go-Compare, Moneysupermarket, Swiftcover, Tesco and WhatCar?.

The top 10 vehicles listed are:

  1. Vauxhall Corsa SXI AC
  2. BMW X5 D Sport Auto
  3. Vauxhall Corsa S Ecoflex
  4. BMW 520d M Sport
  5. Vauxhall Corsa Limited Edition
  6. Yamaha Yzf R125
  7. Audi A3 S Line Tdi
  8. Ford Focus Zetec Tdci
  9. Peugeot 206 Sport
  10. Volkswagen Golf R32

Source: My Car Check (models with minimum 100 checks between May 2015 and April 2016)