You must be off your trolley!

The world’s fastest motorised shopping trolley will be on display at the Prescott Bike Festival at Prescott Hill Climb, Cheltenham, on 17 April 2016.

The Festival celebrates engineering excellence, from rare, classic, modern, customised to hand built bikes.

The shopping trolley is the work of Matt Mckeown from Plymouth, who found it abandoned in a ditch. With the help of a modified second-hand Chinook helicopter starter engine and a set of go-kart wheels, he drove the jet-propelled trolley to an incredible average speed of 70.4mph.

Also on display next April is Tom Anable, a British Monowheel top speed record holder. The Lincolnshire-based stunt rider has designed, built and engineered several Monowheel machines during the past eight years, after a university project captured his imagination.

The Prescott Bike Festival will also welcome back the MADMAX Race Team and their ‘Streetfighter’ Bike Madmax. The Madmax holds a land speed record for the World’s first jet turbine streetfighter street-legal motorbike, having set a record of 224.9mph from a standing start.

Meanwhile, nuclear research engineer Allen Millyard will race up Prescott Hill on his home-built ‘Flying Millyard’, a classic 1920s sedate two-wheeled Chitty Chitty Bang Bang exterior hiding two cylinders from a Pratt and Whitney 1340 radial, and a five-litre V-Twin engine designed for an aeroplane.

Gates open at 8.30am, with advance admission prices at £12. All proceeds of the event go to The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes and Severn Freewheelers.

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