VW realignment underway

Volkswagen Group claims its realignment is well underway.

The group claims it is making progress on all five of the priorities it set at the end of October: the technical solutions for customers in Europe have been devised, presented to the authorities, and positively evaluated by them. These solutions will begin to be implemented in January 2016. The emissions investigation is producing results, and initial consequences have already been drawn based on the findings to date. The implementation of the new structure is proceeding according to plan, and the process of developing a new strategy has commenced.

According to the chairman of the board of management, Matthias Müller Volkswagen is being realigned strategically and technologically. ‘Our goal is to courageously and decisively participate in shaping the future of mobility,’ said Matthias.

Among other things, the Group aims to achieve a significant expansion of its sales outside of its current core business. Furthermore, a digitalisation and an electrification offensive are being prepared.

Matthias explained, ‘Although the current situation is serious, this company will not be broken by it. We have a clear mission: we will create a new, better, and stronger Volkswagen. A company that uses its strengths to make the transition to the new world of automobiles. A company that now releases new forces, and takes better advantage of its huge potential. And, last but not least, a company that will be successful over the long term on the basis of strong values.’