Toyota expands air bag recall

Reuters reports that Toyota will recall almost 1.37 million more vehicles in the United States due to potentially deadly front passenger-side air bags made by Japanese firm Takata.

The move pushes the total number of Toyota vehicles recalled in the United to more than 2.9 million.

On Monday (15/6/15), Honda announced the recall of 1.39 million Accord and Civic cars in the United States with faulty front passenger-side Takata air bags. Those cars had previously been recalled for front driver-side air bags.

Last month, US safety officials said Takata had doubled its recall of vehicles in the US to 34 million, and to 53 million globally. Automakers said the number of vehicles affected in the US is likely half of that total because some have been recalled several times.

There have been 24 incidents of incorrect deployments of Takata air bags in Toyota vehicles worldwide, and Toyota has received at least eight reports of injuries said to be linked to air bag ruptures, a Toyota spokeswoman said. Toyota officials have not confirmed those injuries were linked to incorrect deployments, she said.