Telematics success for Spire

A respected car dealership has installed telematics to manage its fleet after a successful six-month trial identified false insurance claims.

The Spire Automotive Group, covering North London, Hertfordshire and Essex, has implemented DCM Connected’s telematics system over its 19 sites, enabling fleet and lease managers to track vehicles and monitor how they’re being driven.

This follows a successful trial during which one accident claim was dismissed as fraudulent, as the software proved that the Spire courtesy car was not in the stated location at the time of the alleged incident.

DCM Connected also means accidents can be reconstructed by recreating the moments before and after a collision.

Carl Thompson, divisional brand director of Spire Automotive, said, ‘This innovative system really gives us full control over all of our fleets, it has demonstrated false claims and helped overcome them.

‘It is fast at locating vehicles and has genuinely enhanced our utilisations across the group.’

Phil Hodkinson, sales director of DCML Ltd, added, ‘It is great news to confirm 19 Spire dealerships are implementing DCM Connected.

‘Following a trial with the group, I see this long-term partnership as evidence of the sophistication of the software and the real-world results it attains.

‘As well as the identification of the false claims, DCM Connected introduces a new level of control and visibility for dealer fleets, including monitoring risky driver behaviour, vehicle location, vehicle faults and improved management of vehicles entering roads with chargeable tolls and high risk areas such as race tracks.’