Snap-on launches new upgrade

Snap-on’s new 15.2 software release keeps garages working with the latest vehicles coming through the workshop door thanks to an array of new additions.

The most recent developments in the software have included almost 27,000 codes, more than 1,700 new vehicles, nearly 32,000 systems, almost 2,000 functional tests and over 18,000 new tests in the Component Test Meter – bringing the total of CTM tests alone to 300,000.

Combined with those innovations is the fact that the software also keeps garages fully updated with the older vehicles that they are dealing with on a daily basis, meaning the 15.2 release adds up to an even more comprehensive diagnostic tool than before.

For example, the Auto ID function, which speeds up the scanning process, has been expanded to now incorporate Nissan.

The code scan and clear all codes functionality has also been increased and now covers Opel, Suzuki, Subaru and Renault, allowing technicians to get to work and start diagnosing and finishing the job quicker than ever before.

More functional tests have been added to help users complete the fix, including:

•    BMW petrol injector programming – enabling the technician to replace faulty injectors and quickly program them back into the vehicle.
•    Opel Vauxhall – expanded engine functionality tests that enable the quick replacement of a component and resetting of the control module data.
•    Hyundai – a new programme has been added to allow the programming of replacement keys for the vehicle’s immobiliser system.
•    Also expanded is the functionality for EOBD, allowing for work with Mode 8.

Other new inclusions have seen 20 new BSI modules plus tyre pressuring monitoring for three new models, allowing new pressure sensors to be programmed; Mercedes selective catalytic reduction (AdBlue) systems added to all applicable models; and Dacia coverage added to the CTM including ABS menus, ABS control module, speed sensor and brake pedal components.

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